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Barbra Salas

Active member
Jul 23, 2023
Hi! I used to belong to this group a long time ago. I don't know if it's the same one that also used to be chins n quills. But anyway, I've recently gone through some rough stuff with my babies and just wanted some support from other chin owners.

I have cared for chins in a professional capacity and owned them for 22 years. We've had 5 (all standard gray although the newest two are very very dark. Maybe more questions on that later.) Here's the breakdown:

2000 - Got my first little buddy (rescue. Someone dumped him) - Roo - who was about 1.5 at the time. He's now nearly 24 and still with us.
2002 - Got two more buddies. Older zoo animals who were the last two of their herd and needed a place to retire. Papa - who passed at 18 about 17 years ago, and Niño (his son) - who passed at 24 just a few years ago.
2021 - Took in two "fosters" who of course became part of the family. Shadow and Pichu (both about 5 now but Pichu passed suddenly and tragically in June partly from something that probably began in his previous home. Long story.)

Other than some seizures early on and some eye issues later in life, Roo has been ridiculously healthy up to this last month when we've had some old age crap that can be fixed but is hard to fix with an old man like him. It's been hard to see him decline as he is so fully enmeshed within the family that we can't imagine it without him. My son grew up knowing him and he's been with us for 22 years. So just needing a wider chin community again at the moment. Nice to "see" you!

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