Gary and Percy

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Feb 4, 2021

2.5 years of age each. They were bonded already and 10 months old when I got them from a pet warehouse, living in a small industrial cage. Percy is the alpha male, heavier and more protective and vigilant. Gary initially had less fur and his tail was thin. He was very timid. Now he took some weight and is more confident. Though he sheds more fur because of the other's grooming. It is Percy that barks and squeaks happily. Gary does that too but rarely, perhaps because of obedience to Percy

Their health is fine so far and they have a large enclosure to roam, jump and climb 24 hours, run on the wheel, keep fit and play. They deserve it after all those months.

They don't like to be picked or groomed but they never bite. Percy barks sometimes when I travel to my parents and put him on a smaller cage, but only the first day. They climb on me without fear.
Theyre so cute! I looove the idea of the the wooden bridges you show on the picture, I gotta try that for sure!