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Aug 17, 2019
My cat Shadow can have some pretty hideous hairballs. Sometimes he's a brat and hacks it up onto his fleece padded wooden ledge that was built to a wall. But, I can't wash the fleece because it's stapled onto the wood. Does anyone know how to remove hairball stains from fleece without having to remove it from the wood?
You can try to handwash it. Cat a 50/50 vinegar water mix and try to get it out. It will soak into the wood but. Why is it stapled? First if your chin got to a staple he could die. Also fleece needs to be washed at least once a week. I would get a envelope style fleece cover (looks like a pillow case) and slip it over the wood.
I never said it was for my chin, lol.. It's for my cat, Shadow. But thanks for the advice. It's stapled because he would rip it off otherwise.
If you want to try to salvage it without taking the fleece off I would soak it in an enzyme cleaner like Natures Miracle. I've used that on my couches (not fleece but also I can't put it in the washing machine 😉) when the cats puke up a hairball and it works well. If the stains are bad give it time to work in, an hour or two is best, before wiping it up and blot don't scrub, then allow it to dry.