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Feb 6, 2022
I chin-proofed my room and let my boys roam a little bit, Viktor seems very keen on it (especially since he already escaped out of the cage twice xD) and is in and out, exploring, he seems to enjoy it!

However - Jayce is kind of just.. a sitting duck. A loaf in his usual spot. He moves less than Viktor in general and I wonder if its just a difference in personality or if he's simply not comfortable enough in his new home yet.



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Nov 3, 2021
It's probably a bit of both (personality and still not fully settled in/confident). Just like with humans or most other animals, some chins are more bold and outgoing while others are more timid and shy. Some chins can't get enough of out-of-the-cage playtime, while others prefer to stay in the cage where they feel more secure.

Jayce may get braver as he settles in more, or he may never be too keen on exploring outside of the cage. Time will tell. You have a huuuuuuuge cage, so it's not really a big deal, in terms of health/exercise, if he doesn't get out much.

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