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Jan 31, 2009
Alameda, CA
I can't stop crying, after a long hard fight my sweet boy Ferdinand has passed. My first chinny, he loved to cuddle and do it for as long as I would let him. I have no words, I hate the e-vet I took him to last night who wouldn't even hold him to observe him and did absolutely nothing.

He had prolapse two weeks ago, it was fixed and he decided to take care of taking out his own stitches because he was a little punk like that. He was starting to improve, taking interest in the syringe feeding, jumping around, and even pooping a little, that was Wednesday, but he lost some weight. Yesterday he plummeted, shaking and very weak, his regular vet didn't have a chin doc in the emergency so I took him somewhere where they said they were knowledgeable enough to stabilize him. They were unprofessional. When they took him to the back they decided to show him to all the staff who had never seen or held a chin, all the time he is declining. He was worse off than when he had come in.

He died in my arms this morning, I'm sort of glad I could at least hold him for his last moments at least. He was just a furry ball of love and spunk. I will miss him so much, his kacking because I need to put him back in his house, his, chirping in the morning as soon as I wake up, dancing around for scritches. Everyone who met him was captivated by his joy and energy. Ferdinand, you made such a huge impact on me, you will be so greatly missed, I don't think there is another chin like you, you were one of a kind.

Another pic of my baby cuddling up with me