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Are you looking just for a comb to use on a pet chinchilla? or are you showing your chins? I just use a normal fine toothed comb on my chins, you can get them cheap anywhere that sells cat and dog supplies. Some people even just use a flea comb. I would think that etsy comb you linked should work, but if it's just a pet I wouldn't bother with spending that much unless you want a fancy looking comb. Pet chins rarely need to be combed, and over combing does more harm then good (most don't like being combed). I only comb my chins when they get something in their fur or if they get a bit scruffy during shedding.

Actual professional combs have needles for teeth, and really should be left to people that know what they are doing since you can easily hurt your chin with them. Like these They are designed to get every single hair separated and all loose fur removed, so they look perfect, not a hair out of place, for the show ring.
Hello Amethyst!
I do not actually have my chinchillas yet, but I should be receiving them in approx two weeks. I contacted a breeder and I've picked out 3 "show quality" females to start out with, and I really hope to attend some shows with them. It is something I am highly interested in and I am willing to invest countless years in.

Thank you so much for the link! It is exactly what I am looking for! Do you have any grooming tips then, so I don't hurt my chins? I've watched a few youtube videos and I've read that you're only supposed to comb about 2/3rds the way through the fur, is this correct? I definitely need more information though, as the youtube videos weren't very detailed. I also read that if you hit a snag not to comb it out, which doesn't make sense to me. How do I remove the snag without the comb may I ask? I'd really love to know the absolute proper way to groom them. Thank you again for the link and the advice, very helpful:)
I really don't know much about proper grooming for the show ring, I've only had pets and never even been to a show. Maybe, since the breeder is selling them as "show quality" they must show themselves, so they might be able to give you some pointers.

I do know, as you said, you angle the comb so you are not going all the way to the skin, 2/3rds sounds about right. Also start at the tail and comb up towards the head not head to tail, but I'm sure videos already show that. If you hit a snag you are better off just gently tugging on it with your fingers, and it should come out. Chins fur is designed to easily fall out when pulled, it's a defense mechanism that helps if caught by a predator (it doesn't hurt but does annoy them so they may bark). If you try to pull a mat out with a comb you are more likely to have a larger fur slip (all the fur in the comb at the time not just the mat), resulting in a larger bald spot. With proper diet and dust baths mats are not really a big issue in a healthy chin, which is why pet ones rarely need combing.

One important thing, which I would think videos would say, but in case not, always comb before a bath not after. Otherwise the dust will catch in the comb and pull the fur out. Also bathing after allows the dust to get all the way through the fur to the skin.
Wow, thank you for that information Amethyst! The videos did not mention the dust bath tidbit. Thank you so much for helping me on this post, you are more than kind. I appreciate it greatly!
I haven't personally used the comb you linked, but it's always best to read reviews and check the seller's ratings before making a purchase. If you're looking for other options, you could try checking with local pet stores, or even online pet supply retailers. Some pet grooming tools are also used by professional groomers, so you could check with They work in kennels, pet shops, vet clinics and mobile units to see if they carry chinchilla combs. If all else fails, you could also try contacting chinchilla breeders or rescue organizations, as they may have experience with grooming and could recommend a good comb for you.
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