Does anyone play Faunasphere?

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Feb 1, 2009
Chicagoland area

I love it. It is so fun. I play almost every day. Its a community game so other people will be playing at the same time and you can interact with them. You get to be an animal called fauna. When you first start you get to pick from a dog that is called a sniffer, horse called a hoofer, or turtle called a scooter. You go through different worlds blasting pollution and doing goals. You can decorate your own sphere however you want. As your fauna grows you get eggs to hatch many different species of fauna.

It is free to play. For free you get to keep 3 fauna, there are monthly memberships that allow you to keep more.

You can also play through facebook. If anyone plays and wants to friend me my name is CloudySky_
This was posted 5 years ago, so when I went to the site, it redirected to another game site, and I couldn't find Faunasphere anywhere on that site. :(