Dental pathology in chinchillas

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Thanks for posting the article.

I have had two animals with teeth problems. And a possible third. :facepalm:

Animal number one was pawing at her teeth and refused even the smallest circumference of an apple wood treat. I had not kept updated weight charts at the time. The vet found she had spurs that required surgery to grind them down. She recovered and did not have any further dental problems.

Animal number two suddenly turned aggressive towards her cage mate. Animals were separated and I noticed she was not eating. I weighed her and found she had lost a great amount of weight in a few short weeks. Vet #1 at the emergency hospital missed the malocclusion problem. Since I did not like her weight results I asked for CC to take home and feed her. The chin ate willingly at home.

Two days later at my follow up appointment, my vet found the problem immediately. He looked into her mouth and saw spurs and felt the mandiluar bulging. ( root bulging ) Sadly I made the decision to have her put down.
Diagram 3 of the article was very helpful to me. I brought my animal home for burial and did feel her jaw line afterwards. I felt several of my healthy chins and compared what I felt in the recently deceased animal.

Animal one passed away a few years later with heart problems. She was a rescue with no previous medical history. Animal number two was a pedigree animal. I was able to contact the breeder to inform them it was a great possibility being inherited.

I suspect animal number three has teeth related problems. Recently refusing apple wood treats and digging in her food bowl. The girl NEVER passes up apple wood. She is a pet that was not bred here.