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I know that chins can have dandelion leaves, but can they have the flower? Are they considered a treat, or could you mix a broken up leave in with their hay at night or something? How much is too much?
I have been giving the size of a half inch square piece(approx) once a week. They are very thin so sometimes they get two a week. I have also been giving them camomile flowers. The dont get those very often, maybe once every 2 weeks. I got a sample of the herb and oat mix from Ralston chinchillas when I ordered dust and some chew sticks, but the flowers are alot smaller in that. I get mine from a herb store and it is grown localy. It says organic and the only ingrediants are Camomile flowers, it is intended for tea. It is sold in little zip lock bags. Is this safe?
I don't give any of that....

Do you give any suppliments? Chances are camomile is in it. Dandelion is not as common, at least where I've looked. I started giving these to help releive anxiety in one of my chins. After her cagemate died she basicly went crazy. She ran awound the cage all day, and started biting(something she had never done before). I started giving her these two things, and of course lots of love and attention, and it seems to have helped tremendously. I just never stopped giving them, I was kinda scared she would go back to the way she was.
I use a combination of steel ground oats, wheat germ, and flax seed... no chamomile.

I do have chamomile that I occasionally give as a treat in a mixture... but not regularly... and the supplement is only a couple days a week with no treat given on those days *shrugs*
Dandelion flowers are safe. A flower can be given 3-4 times a week. Dandelion flowers are especially rich in lecithin.

Sometimes they are used as a weak pain reliever, because they do not contain any salicylates.
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