Anyone know if cork is safe for chinchillas? I suspect the wood/bark itself isn't unhealthy, but I'm worried about how spongy it is. I'm interested both in cork as chew toys (baked wine corks, for example), and how safe chins would be on a cork floor.


Wow, I just learned a lot about cork, thanks :))! It looks as though most cork comes from Cork Oaks. Since oak is on the unsafe wood list, I personally would not use it just to be safe. However, I did see a hide house made of cork in some publication for chinchillas. That does not mean it is safe, but I just wanted to put that out there since I am only extrapolating that it may be unsafe due to the tree it most likely originated from. Bottom line, since I don't know for sure I would stay away from it personally.

Just to add, I think a cork floor would get unsanitary since it may absorb some of the urine and has lots of cracks in it...