Complications after 2 foot fall?


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May 14, 2020
Raichu took a vertical splat fall from one ledge to the one below. He expected to jump to the one that’s usually attached to the cage door but i had it open to pet his brother. He jumped down to the food bowl to eat but didnt eat. He just sat in the food corner and closed his eyes and mouth pawed very slowly and whined(¿) every few seconds (sounded more like a loud sneeze). This is VERY out of character for him. He usually bounces around the entire cage at this time but hes been hardly jumping anywhere except for the very low ledges at all since it happened. Its been about 2 hours, hes been eating and drinking normally and i gave him a stick to chew, but he's still whining somewhat when he moves and mouth paws when he reaches a new spot. He walks slightly slower and doesnt go up and down the cage nearly as much. Whenever he jumps to a low ledge(these are barely longer and up taller than him), he stretches his back legs out after landing, which he definitely never did before. I poked around his body a little bit and he wasnt bothered by it. Im so used to him jumping all over the ledges so this is really concerning to me.

-Should i wait a day before taking him to the vet so he can rest a little, or take him asap? My family doesnt have too much money. I had a panic attack until i realized he probably isnt injured as badly as i thought. Im thinking he could possibly just be bruised or lightly sprained.
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Jan 28, 2009
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If he is doing everything normal, he's probably fine. He may have sprained something, but if he's putting weight on it and jumping around, it must not be too awful. Monitor him and see if it improves. If it doesn't, then talk to a vet.