Chinchilla puffy eyes


New member
Mar 31, 2020
Two days ago I noticed my chinchilla had puffy spots underneath her eye, I got some saline and dabbed it around and on the eye to help get rid of anything in there irritating it and it helped but now her other eye has become puffy too and I'm unsure what to do, she's acting fine and it doesn't seem to be irritating her, going to weigh her now and see if she's lost any weight but she's been eating and acting fine overall, there was also some eye booger/goop but her cagemate also has a bit of this is that serious or just natural from sleeping, going to book a vet checkup hopefully for tomorrow or Friday at the latest to rule out anything serious, does anyone have any experience with something like this, the photos below are from two days ago, any suggestions/advice would help as our vet has reduced hours due to COVID-19 and isn't taking calls or appointments in the afternoon.