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May 19, 2009
Hello chinchilla community. I have been noticing that my chinchilla (Melo, 4 years old) is drinking a lot of water (100mL per day) and peeing a lot. I know there are a few things that can cause this (diabetes, renal disease). Is there anyone out there with experience on this issue?

Does anyone know the average amount of water a chinchilla should drink per day? I don't have to fill up my other chinchilla's water bottle as often as i have to fill up Melos. I give him with bottled water.

Thank you!
Some chinchillas drink more than others..and some play with the water bottle. could she be playing?
Has this chin always drank that much or is it a new thing? Any other changes in life like temps, playtime, stress? Does her breath smell at all?
thank you for your replies. He doesn't play with his water.
I've had Melo for 3 years and have only noticed this in the last 6 months. Nothing has changed that i know of that could trigger something like this. I have not smelled his breath, but that is a good idea. thanks!
Other symptoms of diabetes in chins is large appetite with weight loss, excessive urination, the thirst is almost like the chin gets freaky at the water bottle, lethargy and weakness at the back legs, painful tummy and may cry when picked up, the thirst and weightloss/large appetite are early warning signs, the other later signs including the fruity smelling breath.