Chinchilla Critter Nation cage squeak?

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Nov 11, 2021
Hey all, my chinchilla currently has a critter nation cage that he lives in and he loves to run! So my fiance and I bought him a silent chin spin a while ago that does a really good job, however when he starts really going fast in his cage he tends to shake the cage, which itself isn't an issue. However, when the cage shakes there's a really high pitch squeak that comes from the cage shaking that I can't for the life of me pinpoint. I've tried shaking the cage myself and sometimes the squeak will happen, sometimes not. And i've had moments where the squeak is happening, and holding the front cage door hinges seemed to stop the squeak, but it doesn't sound like the squeak is coming from them to me. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue? If it is the hinges on the doors, is there a permanent lubricating solution to keep them from making anymore noise? I've seen people say vegetable oil but i'm not sure if it works/is safe for chinchillas. Thank you for any help in advance!
If it is the hinges then vegetable oil is safe, but also messy and everything sticks to it. You will likely need to clean the hinges regularly (the doors come off if you lift them up). Were I have noticed rattling noise though is from where the doors clip into the frame, but if it hits just wrong I could see how it could squeak too. To fix that I put a strip of fleece there so when the doors close it pushes the fleece into the holes, so the doors can't move when closed.