Chinchilla bites her lower lip and is on pain killers

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Jan 7, 2014
Hello everybody,

I have a chinchilla named Ahsoka Tano (10 years old) and she’s been having a lot of issues lately. We went to the vet thinking she broke a bone because she doesn’t want to use her front arms but after the vet took X-rays she concluded she has no broken bones and it can all be an underlying neurological issue. The vet did recommend her be euthanized but I refused because she eat, drinks and poops normally. She’s just having issues walking. So the vet gave her Metacam and gabapentin for pain and possible seizures if she is having any.
Well now let me step back and say that before the vet visit she bit her lip and there was blood coming out of her mouth. I cleaned her up and mentioned it to the vet and she said her teeth looked fine.
So now after meds were given she keeps biting her lip. Consistently and blood just keeps slipping out. I’ve been giving her water and critical care. She’s hungry but anything that she eats just makes her irritate her lip.
I called the vet and they just told me to try and monitor her and tell her to an emergency vet if it keeps happening. I don’t want to put her down just cause she keeps biting her lip.

Any advice? I have attached her X-rays to see they’re no broken bones and I can’t really see her mouth as well because of the Vet Tech hands during X-ray. Also the puddle of blood coming from her mouth. Sigh. I’m at wits end and I’m running out of cash.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

Sandy B.


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