Chin with attitude!

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Jun 19, 2019
Oxfordshire :)
Hi all, so my lil boy, Chiko, has got a proper attitude and hops around like he owns the place! I've only had him for just over a month!

I've heard of chinchillas owning you not the other way around but I was surprised at how quickly it happened! 😂

Does anyone know any ways to decrease attitude?! Otherwise I'd love to hear everyone else's stories! My favourite so far, other than him audibly grumping at me, is him physically moving me away with his paw 😂 he's so politely rude!!!
Sounds like a typical chin. They can be such little characters. :)

Give it some time. You'll most likely end up building a bond with him that will cut down on the attitude a little bit. I find that I enjoy my chins with attitude the most though.
Hey. Very similar behavior for chin and I think that over time it will change for the better since chin is only a month with you