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May 1, 2024
I'm going to keep this simple.
How the heck do I remove spiders in a safe way? I thought about diluted essential oils, but everywhere I read said that this was not safe. One way that everyone seemed to agree was safe, was diatomaceous earth, as long as they didn't breathe any in.
My room is infested with them, and it is the residence of my chins. It isn't usually a problem until they touch me, and I've had enough. Any help would be wonderful, and hopefully it will also be safe for other pets (Two cats and a dog).
I would start by doing a cleaning of the room, spiders generally come in because there is food, meaning you likely have other bugs in the room/house as well. If possible also try to figure out where they are coming in, like is there a crack in the wall, window that doesn't close right, etc.

You can try the diatomaceous earth so long as you only use it in areas where the chins will not have any access to. As you mentioned it's not safe to breath in, but can also cause damage to the skin, so you don't want to use it anywhere the chin will be running around or could try to roll in it. Once you clean up the room you can use mint plants around the room, like near windows to help prevent spiders from wanting to come in, mint is non toxic but is a natural spider repellent. You can also make up some bundles of dried mint (buy or make little cloth potpourri bags so it doesn't make a mess) to stick in corners of the room where spiders like to be. As well as if the chin can't access the windows you can also put some essential peppermint oil along the windows to keep them out, if possible take the chins out of the room while you apply the oil then bring them back in once it dries a bit.