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Apr 11, 2015
My Chinchilla today has broken his hip bone, took him to the vets and the x-ray shows at least 5 different places where it seems to have shattered. They said he will need to have his leg amputated or to have him put down. Has anyone else had a chinchilla with broken bones, are these the only options?
Its really the only option, lots of tripod chins out there, they do fine. I had one, he lived until 17 years old, he lost his leg at birth.
I have 2 tripods here. One missing a back leg, the other a front. They are perfectly fine and act like normal chins.

One was a broken leg and the other was loss of circulation that couldn't be fixed.
I have had three tripods in my years of chin ownership. I can tell you from experience, the little buggers are faster than their four legged counterparts and every bit as happy.
I've done broken legs 3 ways. I've fixed them and they healed fine, I've amputated and they've done fine, and I've left them alone and given pain meds and they've done great. Euthanasia would not be the way to go imo. You have choices. Seeing all 3 ways to do it I've been going with strict cage rest and pain meds for several weeks in a small cage.
Thank you everyone this makes me feel much better about it. I definitely didn't want to put him down. I was worried that the vets I went to hadn't come across this before with a Chinchilla and just wanted to check that amputation was the best option. I'm glad I've gone with this and he should be having it down right now, will hear soon if he has woken up fine and can take him home tonight.
Sad News

So the sad news isn't about Versace who had his leg removed. He is at home and recovering well. His brother however has sadly passed away. We separated them and put them into cages on their own while Versace's leg was healing. Since then his brother went into shock and I don't understand why, I took him to the vet a few days ago and they were checking with a specialist. When I came home from work he wouldn't move so I took him to the emergency vet but he couldn't be stabilised. They are both 4 years old and have been together since birth, they have never been apart. Does anyone think that the stress from being seperated could have put him into shock? Even though they were right next to each other and could see each other.