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<- Pooper Scooper
May 22, 2012
Maine, USA
I have a 3 chinchillas that I want to be able to live together in one large cage. I have a bonded pair that I rescued about 6 months ago, and my single chin that I've had for about a year and a half. They were getting along for about 2 weeks, after slowly being introduced, until I decided to bring out the dust bath during floor time, Rosie (the single female) tried pushing one of the other chins out of the dust bath, and they got in a huge fight. They sprayed, and bit and barked it was bad. I separated them right away, and ever since then they've been extremely aggressive. Help?! They're all females, by the way.
that happens a lot with trios. Sometimes it will break up a bonded pair so that now you would have to have 3 separate cages. That is why I don't ever recommend trios. You will have to keep them all separate for now and hope you can slowly re-introduce them. If not you will have to keep them separate.
I believe once it gets that bad, where they've bit each other that there is no way I would put them back together in one cage. You have to keep them separate. If they are still acting aggressive towards each other there is a big chance you'll find at least one seriously injured or dead when you wake up one morning.
I would definitely not put them back together. Keep the pair in one cage, the single in another, and hope the pair don't turn on each other now. Trying to intro an adult female into a bonded adult female pairing is not something I would recommend.
Bonding trios is risky at best. I have done it a few times but with very laid back females. Once a chin draws blood I call it quits with matchin them up. I wouldn't put that chin in with the pair again. Just keep 2 cages and be happy it wasn't worse.
They haven't drawn blood, but they've pulled fur. And they were never in the same cage, it was in an open room. I plan on getting another single chinchilla for rosie to pair with, because she has been with chinchillas previously, so I know she's not super aggressive unless antagonized. But thanks everyone. I think I'm going to call it a quits with this trio.
I think throwing another adult chin into a bonded pair, especially of females, is very tricky. I bought twin girls in August of 2010 and then unexpectedly acquired a third female kit in November of 2010. They are three months apart and I just threw them together before I knew anything about quarantine/introducing chins. Luckily they immediately piled into a big chin pile and I have never had a problem with them getting along. If you want to try a trio I'd say either try bonding three seperate adults or introducing a kit to two bonded adults. I find that kits are often more accepted. Trios are fun...I hope you get one to work out!
i am in the same situation...i have 3 male chins all between 1-2years, two of them bonded very quickly and easily and the other didnt...he just seemed to have a problem with one of my other boys...ive tried to smoosh technique and the cages side by side but i think that they are going to live separtely...i weould nt wanna risk putting any of them at risk over something i can prevent...maybe downt he road i would get a buddy for the single chin...did you end up getting yours together?

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