Bloody poop...HELP!

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New member
Jan 10, 2017
Hello, I adopted little raikou a few weeks back. Just think past Friday I noticed a little amount of brighter red in his stool. I was not to concerned as I know dark red is the biggest one to be worried about. I fed him some pumpkin and watched over him the next few days. I have not seen any more blood until last night. His poops are HUGE and he acts like he has a hard time pushing. I'm thinking he may have strained and maybe cut himself from pushing. He also, after he's done pooping, will wiggle his bum up and down on whatever surface he is sitting on. Maybe due to irritation? I will be picking up bene bac at some point but does anyone have advice or maybe their hedgie has done the same? I have only had him a few weeks and was not expecting a vet visit this soon. We have 3 big dogs and one of them is due for their last set of puppy shots. We cannot afford a bunch of vet bills so I was hoping this may be something I can handle? Thank you in advance!!! (Sorry for any spelling errors I am on my phone and this site is making it lag..)