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Nov 10, 2022
hi! im making a list of links of things to buy for a chinchilla i hope to have soon so i know how much money i need to save up, and im on the wheel. the cheapest ones i can find are made of plastic, which i've heard is extremely bad for chinchillas to have due to the fact they chew a lot, and if they eat plastic it'll kill them. i considered making a no pill fleece wrap around the wheel so it cant eat the plastic, but what do you all think?
One of the biggest issues with the plastic wheels is most are not big enough, I know they claim 12" is "chinchilla size" but it's really not. Ideally you want the wheel to be at least 15-16" in diameter, but 14" is the bare minimum, it's ok for smaller chins but tends to be too small if your chin is on the larger side. Smaller wheels cause the chin's spine to bend backwards, unlike other rodents chins aren't suppose to do that, so it can cause back injury over time. The cheapest chin safe wheels I know of are the Pandamonium Pets ones on etsy View Wheels by PandamoniumPets on Etsy they make a few different ones depending on how much you want to spend and how much it being quiet matters to you. Even if you find a 15" plastic wheel I'm not sure how well wrapping it in fleece will work, you want to make sure it doesn't slide around but also be able to remove for cleaning. Just so you know wheels are not required for chins, and not all chins even like them.

Here is a list I've compiled of chin safe wheels.

Drum style wheels (Ideally 15" or larger)

Chin spin
Pandamonium Pets wheels (various wheels for different prices)
Chin sprint
Felix and Fido wheel
Silver surfer (14" so only for smaller chins, around 600g range)
Tic Tac Wheel (UK but ship worldwide)

Saucer wheels (14" or larger)

Steel Flying Saucer (standard or large, they no longer make them so you can only find used now)
Treadmill wheel (14")