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Aug 17, 2019
I've done a personal introduction when I first joined the forum, but I've never properly introduced my two chins Bandit & Buttons. They're standard gray twin brothers, and they've been with me for three months now, and they've definitely come out of their shell and have no fear showing me what they like and dislike. So, I figured it'd be fun to type out little descriptions about the B Boys (the household nickname for them at this point, lol) so you guys can really see what they're like if you ever wanted to. :)

They turned 1 year old December 13th, and I rescued them from a not-so-good foster home in late October. As an example of how badly they were kept (the foster parents tried their best, but I'm still glad I got them when I did), they both contracted fungus infections on the outside of both of their ears while with the foster parents, which didn't show up until about 2 months in of me having them. Now they have about 6 weeks of daily medicine treatment ahead of them, maybe even 12 weeks depending on how quickly the infections go away. Luckily they both enjoy fruity things like apple, pear, and mulberry stick bark, and the meds are cherry flavored, so they don't have too much of an issue taking it.

Bandit definitely matches his name. He's a hyper and mischievous little man, and is the dominant of the pair when it comes to cage life. He accepts pets, especially neck and chin scritches. He's willing to have longer pet sessions when he's sleepy, otherwise it hardly lasts thirty seconds because he's apparently got things to do. Probably aggressive wheel running. He wastes no time hopping out of the cage when I leave the lower front doors open during cleaning and look away for five seconds, which causes a tedious (but probably enjoyable for him) game of Catch the Chin. Whenever he's actually out for playtime, he runs around the entire area, climbs on my legs, does mini popcorns off the walls, and seems to explore every inch he can get himself into. You can never leave him with stuff that's not meant for chins, even for a second, because he WILL chew it. Example being my phone case, shoe laces, tablet case, paper towels.. don't worry, none of that he actually ingested. I stopped him before he even left a mark. He's the first to try out new things, like the new dust bath and dust area I got him. He sets an example and checks out the new and strange stuff, and Buttons hesitantly follows suit.

Buttons. Oh, sweet Buttons. His name makes him seem cute. Well, he is, in most cases. He has what I call a sweet and spicy personality. He's not as hyper and outgoing as Bandit in the cage, and his favorite spot is probably in the hidey house. He usually runs off when I try to pet him, but he accepts pets when HE comes to ME, not the other way around. Eskimo kisses and hand nibbling are his favorite way of showing affection. But my oh my he can be extravagant in other situations. He hogs the dust bath whenever it's bathing time, which basically means he does a few rolls and just sits inside, not letting Bandit bathe until I intervene or until Bandit gets fed up and kicks Buttons out of the bath with a squished shove. When he's in the carrier for vet visits, he acts like a total different chin. He. Goes. NUTS. Attempting to chew at the metal bars, aggressively digging at the metal pans and making bedding and hay fly everywhere, stealing Bandit's stick, gripping the carrier bars and staring at me in betrayal, and I could go on. He calms down for about thirty minutes and then goes at it again. Poor Bandit is usually just sleepy and stressed in the carrier, so he usually sits still and lets Buttons let out his fury. He also doesn't care if Buttons decides to use him as a pillow. Buttons isn't like Bandit during playtime a lot of the time. He usually is pretty quick to get out of the cage, but then he rarely explores the area. He usually hides under the cage, in the storage tray, or behind the cage. He may run a bit around the flooring on the outside of the cage, but other than that, he shows no excitement like his brother does. But, at times, if Bandit is running around, he might try and explore the whole area with him. Bandit tends to give him his confidence in life.
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