Any interesting ways to entertain your chinchillas?

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Feb 1, 2011
Southern California
Hello all! I've had my chins for about 5 years now, just trying to find new ways to play with them and entertain know, besides their wheel and letting them run around in a room. It's a bit harder now, since I got two cats in the last couple of years, and the chins don't really like the cats.

I like to let the chins have monitored playtime in a room (without the cats). I'll vary the room from time to time to change it up. I try to provide things for them to jump on. One of the things I have to watch out for is when they chew on the corners of the walls or on the baseboard...especially since I'm in a nicer apartment now. Any ideas or interesting ways you play with your chinchillas? Thanks!
Mine like cartoons for entertainment! As for playtime, you can use a plain cardboard box or boxes and put some holes and what not in it and get creative to make platforms. I've used cardboard rolls also that my friend kicks me down after he's laid carpet. I cut them up in smaller pieces though because I don't want any fights or anything going on in the middle where can't get to them.
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I have boxes like posted above. I put their dust out and I sit in with them to give them me to play with. I also have chew toys out and other things they like to play with and jump on, like wooden houses etc.
Boxes. Mine like to watch movies with me, and one LOVES it when I play the Wii (Dog Island usually since the barks sound like chinnie barks).

You might consider a bunny castle (check out The Handbag Thread for pics of one) or a play pen to keep them away from the walls as well.
Ah yes, the bunny castle is awesome! Thanks for the ideas everybody! That's really funny about your chinchillas liking to watch movies with you. I gotta try that. You know what else chinchillas like? Music! Mine go bananas when I strum on the guitar.
I buy new chew toys almost every 2 weeks. Drives my husband crazy. But I swich out different toys so they are new and keep her busy
Yes, chin mental stimulation. Mine got really used to the bathroom in my condo, so I would take a twig of apple wood and tie some sisal rope to it, and either leave it hang or tie it off to something.

This brought about much amusement. Chins fight over the twigs, and they are quite strong. I tied it to my rotary phone once and they drug it all the way across the room!

Picking up random cardboard boxes and doing a little reconstruction is fun. Just taking a newspaper (they all have safe ink now thanks to the FDA) and making teepees all over drives them nuts because it slides around.

"Fishing" for them by tying a treat to a cat rod or some other longer stick is just awesome. This works in the cage too. You can drop it in a draaaag it around like you would with a cat. You'd be surprised how fast they are once they catch on!
dawn--when i die and come back as a chin, i would like to be permanently placed in your care please! what a great fun playroom. very cool ideas to do on any scale. thanks!
:dance3:hi, can anyone give any suggestions on how to divide up play time equal n fair for all chins when u have an entire herd? also, would love some ideas on everyone elses schedules for baths, playtimes, cleanings, etc...what are ur schedules like for those of you who have a herd of chin babies??? thanks in advance:thumbsup: