Any Doctor Who fans?

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The new companion is wonderful!! <3

Favorite doctor? I think mine is the current one, though tenant was pretty cool.
its a tie between tenant and smith. My favorite companions were the ponds. I cant wait for it to come back on. It is one of my favorite shows. I have seen some of the 9th doctor all of 10th and 11th doctor. what is your favorite thing the doctor has come across? I would say mine is a tie between the weeping angels and the ood.
I too like both Tenant and Smith. Eccleston was good too and I was a bit upset when they first brought Tenant on, but I soon grew to like him even more than Eccleston.

Donna and Aimi are my favorite companions. Donna was just so different from any other

I like the cat people, tree people, the ood, and the weeping angels. One of my favorite scenes is the end of the world episode with Rose when they play the 'traditional ballad' Britney Spears 'Toxic'...couldn't stop laughing when I first saw that one.
Cant wait till the 30th. I am having Doctor Who withdrawals lol. That is what I watch on Sat nights, Sunday nights I watch Walking Dead which season 3 ends nexts week :( and on mondays I watch Being Human and Tues is Dance Moms. My schedule gets thrown off when one of my shows seasons ends.
I love Doctor Who! But its kind of sad that we have to wait till November 23rd..... But who is waiting with me?