Angora Chinchillas


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May 19, 2020
I am curious about them. I think they are adorable. One day I may be able to own one. I can’t spend the 1000 on a chinchilla right now. Is there anything wrong with them health wise? Are they more likely to overheat? Are they hard to groom?


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Jan 2, 2015
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Angora chinchillas stand more chance of overheating due to the length and density of their double coat. I'm not certain if enough information is yet available ref their genetics to predict their health long term. They are certainly not suitable for a novice chin keeper, but are adorable.


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Jan 30, 2009
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They are very cute. They take a lot more maintenance - you do have to keep them brushed or they get mats. If they have long hair around the privates you will want to keep that trimmed or you will have to wash it every few days to keep it cleaned and untangled - if they only have a 1" rise between the bum and where they pee and the fur is longer it gets soaked in urine. Some breeders keep them on wire floors for this reason.

It has been my experience that they do not live as long as a regular chinchilla. I have seen very, very few make it past five years of age. I have one breeding male that I finally decided to use that is over 5 - because he is older. For some reason they just die on you - be it an illness in the herd, accidents, whatever, they are far more prone to it. It has been quite the saga watching breeders start, loose their animals, then restart again. Both in the U.S. and overseas. I only have the one angora and am working strictly with carriers that are from healthy lines due to this. I fully expect them to kick the bucket any day to be honest. Even my carriers have been prone to more damage.

I haven't noticed a difference regarding over heating, nor had any reports of this. They do not have very dense coats compared to a good show quality chinchilla.

As far as keeping one as a pet - just start working with handling them like you would a show rabbit. They'll get used to being groomed and worked on. My male will lay on my arm and let me wash his privates. He doesn't pee on himself but the girls get him soaked every once in awhile and regular dusting doesn't remove the urine with 3"+ long fur.

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