and the chinnymom comes back! lol

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slave to Rhino and Guss
Jan 29, 2011
Edmonton, Alberta
hi all! long time no see, no talk!

i took a break from forum life for quite some time, but now i'm back!

still have my Rhino and Guss, and they are still living happily together in their big homemade cage (just built a new base for it recently - new bigger casters on it are a godsend, haha!). Rhino is still my nippy guy full of attitude and Guss is still my lil lovebug that will nearly tip over when you scritch him under the chin lol. can't believe it's been almost 5 years since i got into chins, still seems like yesterday when i first started learning about them.

i found a local health food store that sells rosehips, chamomile, alfalfa leaf, etc........ been making homemade herb mixes that the chinny boys just love me for.

and found out you can teach a chin words and they'll remember/understand them. Guss has picked up what the word 'stick' means. i can say it and he'll go jumping to the shelf i usually give him sticks at. smart lil bugger, lol

anyhoo, figured i'd pop in and say hi, howdy, ahoyhoy. hope everyone is doing well, both long time members and new here :)
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