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Oct 23, 2019
What do you think your chins and hedgies are up to when you're away? Antics? Sleeping? Eating as much as possible? What do your chins and hedgies doing all day without you?
Chillin’. Drinking coffee, enjoying the whole apartment to themselves. 😂

Just kidding. They probably sleep & eat. I have two chins and on the photo is my girl, Mimi.


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He said hi to his new friends from Mexico City yesterday when we got back. After all the excitement he's now snoozing!


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Thank you! His name is Ellie. 😂

Lol It’s a girl but she’s sassy, confident, loves and demands pets and affection constantly. She turned 4 this month June 1, 2019 was her birthday. Her father had won ribbons at chinchilla shows, and her mom belongs to a top chinchilla show judge in the world. I’m lucky to have her. She’s a pet only. But yes her father a show chin has won a few awards . I am not up on the whole chin show scene tbh I was only looking for one as a pet. Her good genes are a bonus I’ll take it as it means she could live a long life.
Loved the photo of Ellie with her head in the jar. What is with chins and jars? My boy loves that to the point it has become a ritual: playtime can only end with him sticking his head into the rose petal jar. If I do not offer it, he stubbornly sits on my lap harrumphing until I do. One wonders: does it give them the thrill children have when stealing cookies from the jar?
Turns out Ellie is Ryerson bred in Ohio and was purchased directly from another chinchilla judge named Jim R. The breeder purchased her from Jim to improve his standards lines. After which she gave birth to a stillborn and he decided he wasn’t going to use her for breeding anymore and sold her to me. Her dad has win awards at the shows. Forgot who her mom is. I don’t keep up with shows and I don’t know anything about pedigrees etc . I just know she’s special to me.
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