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Chinchilla For Sale 3 Bonded Male Chinchillas- Seattle

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New member
Jun 21, 2024
Sadly, I'm looking to rehome... my living situation and financial situation has drastically changed and I can't afford to keep my precious cloud boys. Ares (violet), Ishkur (mosaic), and Taranis (light ebony) are 5 year old bonded boys (not blood related, but have been together since they were babies). All from reputable breeders, but I have since moved across the country and am not in PA anymore. They would come with everything I have for them. Cage/food/water/safe treats/sticks/extra ledges/dust bath/carrier etc. They're all friendly, but take a bit to warm up enough to let you hold them. They enjoy popcorning around my bathroom while I sit with them and cheek/chest rubs. I love them dearly, so I'm looking for someone who might be willing to give me occasional updates on how they're doing.


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