2 Male Bonded Chins in need of loving home - NY


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Mar 23, 2018
Adirondacks, New York
After a lot of consideration, and guilt, I have decided that it is best to find a new, loving home for our chinchillas.

My work day starts at 6:30 am and most days, I don't get home until 5:30 pm. At that point I have other things to take care of, and I often bring work home with me (I am a teacher). My fiance works 12 hour shifts and trains after work, often not getting home until 8 pm or later. This year has also just been one thing after another, and we just don't have the time that these precious boys deserve.

They need someone who has time to spend with them. They aren't use to being held, but they are very sociable and come right up to you when you open the doors to their cage. They love their dust baths and treats. Spaz is a 2 year old Standard Gray, who loves his chin scratched. Stoney is a 3 year old Black Velvet, who believes he's a macho man. They are bonded and love snuggling up to each other, so they need to stay together. They have the litter pans in their cage, but they don't always use them.

They will come with their Double Midwest Critter Nation cage with Stand, their 15" metal Chin Spin Wheel from Quality Cage, a fleece cage backing from Zoey and Lilly's Toy Box, a container for their dust bath, any dustbath remaining, any accessory items in their cage, and any food, hay and treats remaining.

Serious inquiries only please. Asking $250 (negotiable) for the boys and everything mentioned. They will also need to be picked up, as I don't have a big enough vehicle to carry their cage. Be sure to have a big enough vehicle for their cage, and a safe means of travel for them as well. I live in the Adirondacks of NY, bordering Vermont.