1st Generation Blue Diamond I've produced

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Godins Chinchillas

Godin's Chinchillas
Jan 30, 2009
Albany, NY
Here is a pretty blue diamond I am hanging unto. She will be going to a standard after her show season is over. She is 7 mos old in this pic.


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Oh my gosh Jessica, she's stunning. You did a great job with her fur strength and color phase mating to keep that nice sharp clean color. What have you named this beauty?
I haven't named her yet but it will probably be something from the periodic table. All my blue diamonds are named after it.

I am hoping she will do well at Nationals. She needs to be a little bit bigger.

She is absolutely beautiful. I would name her Caesium from the periodic table. If you look into the meaning the name refers to the blue hue. I just thought it would be fitting given her color.

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Caesium would be a pretty name. Thanks everyone for the compliments. Hopefully she continues to fill out like her sister who took Reserve Section Violet at the NY show.
Grats, she is a beautiful lady. Hope you get oodles of awesome healthy kits from her. What name did you pick?