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  1. Pikaia

    Your first chin story

    5 years ago, my now ex-boyfriend and I wanted a pet. We lived in an apartment and weren't allowed to get a kitten (my first choice), so we started looking into pocket pets. I came across chinchillas and fell in love! We started looking around on Craigslist and found Chichi (then named Mrs. Puff...
  2. Pikaia

    Slow Motion Dust Bath

    That is pretty cool! My boyfriend just bought a GoPro camera! We might have to try this!!!
  3. Pikaia

    Chinchilla Kisses.

    Tribble gives kisses and grooms me. However, I wonder if anyone else experiences this bizarre behavior. I will take my hair and kinda dangle it down in front of him. He will run over and start squeaking a whole lot and getting really excited. I thought it was so cute and funny until the other...
  4. Pikaia

    What Directed Us?

    I moved into an apartment and wanted to get a kitten. I grew up with cats and love them! My landlord told me no cats. I guess they had an issue with a cat spraying before. Still wanting a pet, I started doing research on different types of caged pets and came across a chinchilla. They were...
  5. Pikaia

    Pics of you & your Chins!

    Cute pic! Here is Tribble and I. He is my little snuggle bunny :-P Actually, Tribble just tried to crawl on my shoulder the other night and he ended up on my back! Little stinker, he just wants to get away and run around.. LOL
  6. Pikaia

    My package arrived!

    Aww, that's great! It's so nice when they enjoy the stuff you buy them. Gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. LOL.... Tribble does the same thing, Godofgods. I remember trying to put shelves in and he just kept trying to hop up there. He also chews toys as I'm hanging them.. lol
  7. Pikaia

    Cute and funny hedgie pic

    That's great!!! LOL!!!!
  8. Pikaia

    Elijah's Photo Thread

    Aww, Eli is a cutie patootie! :)
  9. Pikaia

    New member with two pesky boys

    Welcome! You will finds tons of info here!! Feel free to ask questions! :-)
  10. Pikaia

    Useful Items In Stores

    There is the lava ledge and lava triangles. I know for a fact those are safe and I will buy them once in a while. Everything is just so darn expensive toy wise so it's better to just order from trusted vendors. You will get more bang for your buck and be certain everything is safe! Lava ledge...
  11. Pikaia

    Petsmart Hate Thread

    I am actually shocked they are recommending Oxbow food! That's a great improvement. I haven't been to Petsmart in a long time since the closest one to me is about 35 minutes away. I know that it is disappointing to see chins in these environments since we spoil our babies so much. At least the...
  12. Pikaia

    types of hay?

    I end up mixing timothy, orchard, botanical (which is basically timothy with some herbs mixed in there) and sometimes a little oat hay in there. They eat hay pretty good, but there is always waste. I also feed alfalfa once in a while (which they LOVE). I also give hay cubes too. Chins are picky...
  13. Pikaia

    Secret Santa

    Yay, I would be in!