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Slamming CnH & Its Members

CnH, and other forums like it, are primarily informational hubs. We are all here to share stories, share pictures, and learn from each other. In the course of that, friendships are built, and sadly, sometimes broken. Because of this, many posts are being made off forum regarding our forum members here. This is not only unfair to our members, it's also incredibly unfair to the owners and members of the other forums. No one wants to "tune in" to their favorite forum to see nothing but angry complaining about another person. We are not going to allow this to happen.

If you are unhappy with a situation, then you need to take steps to address the person that you have an issue with. This type of thing will rarely be resolved by slamming them on another forum where they may not even know about it to defend themselves. If you feel you have a legitimate complaint, we are taking steps to handle that here, on our own forum, without having to air every bit of dirty laundry between parties on other forums.

We plan to exert what control we can in this situation. If you don't like CnH, and feel that it is not a place you want to be, by all means -- feel free to join another forum and frequent it instead. If you don't like a specific person on CnH, then please feel free to use the ignore button or the warn button, depending on your situation. We are not going to tolerate nastiness between forums. You are disrupting good forums with bad business, bad behavior, and bad mouthing.

We are going to be cracking down very hard on this kind of behavior. To try and do our part in this, we are implementing a rule. If this type of behavior is seen, or reported and verified, you will receive one, and only one warning. After that, you will be permanently banned from CnH. This does not mean we are trying to stop people from reporting poor sellers - but we're are going to do our best stop the "Did you see such and such over on _____ thread? What a moron!"