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Rules or Recommendations for Posting Classified Ads

1. Do not post your opinions of the breeder, breeder's animals, or the breeder's website in this forum. If you have issues with a breeder you need to contact them directly to resolve those issues.

2. Chins and Hedgies is not responsible for any transactions that occur from a listing on its web site. However, CnH will not tolerate members who do not follow thru with their transactions. When the staff becomes aware that a member has become a habitually poor performer when it comes to their business practices, the staff will immediately permanently suspend that member’s use of all classified sections on CnH. While the classified section on CnH remains a buyer beware experience, we do feel the need to somewhat protect our members from those that seem to want to continue to not follow thru or make things right with their buyers.

3. Only posts by those that are interested in purchasing the product/animal listed are allowed. Comments are not allowed and may be deleted (i.e. posts stating how cute, your pet looks like mine, I wish I could get him, etc. are not allowed) and a warning sent.

4. Do not make disparaging comments about price. You may respectfully inquire to see if there is scope for negotiation but please remember that the person placing the advert has the right to set his/her price. If it is not to your budget, then leave it at that.

5. Classifieds are purged on a regular basis. Any threads whose last post date is later than 30 days may be purged.

6. Catalog posts in the classifieds section will be culled periodically to control size and accuracy. Those posts that are older than 30 days may be removed.

7. If the item/animal you are selling is sold or is no longer up for sale, please notify a moderator so that the post can be closed or removed, or remove it yourself.

8. Posts which are suspected of selling items illegally or otherwise unethically may be edited or removed from the forum without warning and/or the user responsible may be removed from the forums. CnH will not be held liable for any loss of business and/or reputation by removal of said posts and/or users.

9. By posting in the classified forum, you agree to the conditions contained within these rules.

10. In the event that a classified thread starter feels it necessary to add a "bump" post to the thread (to bring it back up in the forum listing), said posts are limited to one every 24-48 hours. Excessive bump posts or posts made in contravention to this rule, will be removed and the poster issued with a warning.

11. Please limit the number of active classified ads to 3. An ad may contain more than 1 item.

We also recommend that you take a look at the following recommendations for posting or responding to ads.

1. Include your location, price, and the sex, color, age, and any special needs required by the animal.

2. Always get a telephone number and/or mailing address of the person from whom you are buying. When dealing with people you do not know, remember the principle of "buyer beware."

3. If you are selling, check your local laws to ensure that you are in compliance with any and all laws (national, state or local) governing the breeding or sale of exotic pets. If you are buying, it is your responsibility to ensure that the seller is in compliance with all laws. It is also advisable to get recommendations from others as to the ethics and quality of the seller.

4. Some animals are not legal in all areas. Please check your local and state regulations before purchasing an animal. Some areas have been known to sieze and euthanize banned pets.

Classifieds posted must be within the limit of the law. This means if you're posting a hedgehog classified you must be a USDA licensed breeder, or have under 3 breeding females and you MUST reside in a legal state. You may be asked to send your license number or a copy of your license to a moderator or administrator for verification. Classifieds posted that do not comply with this rule will be deleted.