What's happening with my old girl's eye?

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Bea K

New member
Jan 19, 2023
San Antonio

I have a 21 year old chin girl and I noticed that her left eye is cloudy. It's changing in size during day and night time (shows much smaller or hardly at all with natural light but can get quite big at night) As the picture shows it has a clear edge, cycle shape.
I don't believe she injured it, eye is not bulging, appetite is normal, no weight loss or lethargy.
The exotic vet couldn't see much during the exam in her eye and said it's either cataract or glaucoma. Said that if it's cataract, just let her live out her life, if glaucoma it can be medicated. Wants to get me a referral to an exotic hospital 5 hrs away.
Anybody have seen similar to her eye?


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I've never seen that personally, but I do know cataracts are fairly common in older chins. I'm not sure about it appearing to shrink and grow from day to night, but cataracts are normally painless. Glaucoma is normally pretty painful though and I'm not a vet or an expert or anything but I would think you would see more then just a cloudy eye, things like watery eye, the chin rubbing it, eye bulging, etc, as well as not acting normal do to the pain. If she is otherwise acting normally personally I would lean towards it likely just being a cataract.
I would say it's a cataract. I have a couple older chins here with them. It doesn't seem to bother them at all. They keep on chinning as they normally would.

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