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Apr 3, 2021
So I just got 2 chins about a month back and one will repeatedly just die then 5 minutes later she’s running around the cage and having fun I mean maybe she misses her brother because he lives down the street so what should I do I am a new chinchilla owner in need of help
If I am understanding right, based on this and your other posts on other threads, your chin is going limp and unresponsive then back to normal? It sounds like she may be having seizures, chins can have absent seizures where they just kind of are out of it (so not the full body shaking you would normally think of) for a few minutes then seeming back to normal. I would look at what could be causing them. What are you feeding? What food as well as any treats. What is the temp where she is being kept? if it's too warm that can cause it too. Ideally if you can try to get a video of it happening and then take her to the vet to show them what is happening.
Agree with Amythyst, rarely chins can suffer from epilepsy and what your are describing sounds like she's suffering with petit mal seizures. If this is the case, they don't do any harm, or she could be suffering from hypoglycaemia, where her blood sugar levels are dropping rapidly, she could be suffering from diabetes, which is caused by diet. However I would be inclined to seek veterinary advise. 😊