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Feb 11, 2014
I've been considering switching one of my chins from fleece to tile. This one in particular is good about going in his litter pan, while my other chin will pee in other corners on occasion(so he'll stay on fleece for the time being).

I LOVE the fleece and I find it really brightens up the room, but this chin really shreds his sticks and the pieces get stuck in it. It's just a mess, so obviously tile will make cleaning much easier.

What kind of tile would be safe to use? I know that some actually absorb the urine, so I don't really want that in the event that he does pee on it. Can someone post links? I find most tiles to be a bit boring so if anyone has found some with neat patterns, that would be awesome.

Also, how do you avoid them stepping in their pee and getting it on them? I know you can just wipe it up but don't they get it on them between spot cleans?

I found these, are these suitable to cover the cage with?
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I have had tile in my cages for 15 years, you really want ceramic and not natural stone, stone will absorb pee. I use built in pee boxes, shavings in a wood box and they for the most part use that. I have also just tossed a hand full of shavings in the corner where the chin decides they want to pee and they pee on that. Otherwise they pee and leave, never had one get pee on them. Just wipe up the spots in the evening and sweep loose hay and poo.
Can I use any ceramic tile? I want to make sure that I don't buy anything harmful.

The one likes to pee in random spots(usually the corners but sometimes he will get adventurous) so I'm not sure if I want to try it with him yet.
I used whatever was on sale, as long as it is ceramic and not natural stone or terracotta you are good to go.
Thank you. :D I'll pick some up soon. The store should cut it for me right?

Does anyone know the measurements for a CN 162?
Make sure the tile has a good layer of glaze on it or it still can absorb urine. You also need to seal the grout or it will absorb urine. If you don't use grout, the urine will just travel down through the cracks and build up under the tiles.
Is there a safe way to seal it? With what specifically?
What about the edges on the outside? I may or may not use bass pans with the tiles, I haven't decided yet.
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Are you using the tiles for just the bottom or on wood shelves? If the tile are not going to be permanenty fixed then no need for grout, just take them out and wash them occasionally. My tile are permanent, I glued them down with liquid nail and then grouted-I used smooth grout and sealed with grout sealer. Once dry its good to go, no problems with having chinchillas on it.
The tiles are just for the bottom. I'll likely need to take my cages apart at some point so I would rather them be removable. I can swap tiles easily that way if I need to as well. I'm only trying it out for now, so perhaps I'll grout them in the future if I decide to keep them. :]
Okay so I just finished putting the tile in! Now to clean up, change some fleece accessories and add some new toys. :D

I like how it turned out so far so hopefully I'll want to keep it. :]
How does it look?


I know this post is a little over a month old, but do you happen to know which ceramic tile you used? That tile looks great, and now I'm thinking about doing the same with my new cage (although I'll make it a permanent fixture instead of temporary).