Safe board from Home Depot?

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May 2, 2022
Hi guys, is this common board from Home Depot safe for chins? I can’t find anything that says common board is safe or toxic.


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Maybe, but maybe not, personally I would try to find wood that actually says the type just to be safe, many people just go with poplar for that reason. "Common board" is not one specific type of wood, it's most commonly it's pine, but could also be any similar wood like spruce or fir, which is debatable as to the safety, or any other "similar" wood so you are taking a chance of it being one that isn't safe. Here is a explanation I found,

"Common board is usually relatively cheap and comes in the most typical sizes. It is typically made from pine or similar softwood. Basically, it is whatever the lumber mill has an excess of. The exact species of common board can change from year to year or even month to month."