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May 5, 2023
I already have two white chins a male and
a female and want to introduce a violet
female, to the group the question I have
can two families with chicks live in the same hutch ?
If you mean "chicks" as in females then yes it is possible to introduce a second female to a pair, assuming the male is neutered or the females are spayed, but keep in mind it can take time (can take months or years), and it does risk the current pair splitting up especially if you try to rush it. I assume the male is neutered since you want to add another female and you have two whites together and you have already quarantined the new chin for 30 days and/or brought them to the vet. If so it's best to start of introducing them one at a time so two can't gang up on one. If after several weeks they get along one on one you can try them all together.
Thanks for responding, I think you misunderstood the question and that’s ok ;) I meant two females with one male in
a matting format and both females becoming pregnant then producing kits
in the same hutch, I one that is 5-stories
so there’s plenty of room.
You mean you plan to breed white to white?!?! You do know that breeding white to white can be lethal right? :mad: That is horrible if you are knowingly doing that! 🤬 Hopefully it's just a very stupid mistake and you are just ignorant of the risk and didn't know, if so this explains it fairly clearly Lethal Factor (there is a lot of other useful chinchilla info on that site too)

If you actually care about you chinchillas I would strongly suggest either keeping the white male and female separate for life or if you want to keep them together getting the male neutered so they can't reproduce and just hope the poor white female isn't pregnant yet. :( If nothing else I strongly advise you to keep the male and females apart at the very least until you actually do some research on proper breeding of chins, it is seriously not something a person should go into with clearly zero knowledge of what they are doing and just "learn as you go"! It's also a good idea to have a breeder to help mentor you and you can ask questions too, possibly the breeder you got the chins from especially since they would know the genetic lines the best to help you. If you get the male neutered you can try bonding all 3 together and have them live in a 5 story cage.

It is possible to create a breeding cage set up (not a 5 story cage! lol), with a male and two females, assuming the chins are breed quality from good lines, they are properly bonded before the kits are born and as mentioned, you DON'T have an intact white male and female. Even if you are housing them in a proper breeding cage setup you can't/shouldn't keep the male with the females all the time unless he is neutered. Assuming you actually care about your chins and at most just go with breeding him with the violet, he still needs to be removed to his own cage or he will continue breeding with the female until she dies from back to back litters. I assume you don't know but they can breed again right after giving birth, meaning nursing and raising a litter while also pregnant with another one. So if you care about your female(s) you need a different cage for the male if he is not neutered at least for after breeding, raising the kits, and some time for her to recover after before putting her into breeding again. While being used for breeding and when the kits are young they should be kept in a kit proof cage, meaning a single level cage to avoid accidents and injuries, with 1/2" or less bar spacing to prevent the kits from escaping. If the females get along well and are bonded then yes they can stay together and can sometimes help raise each others kits, but that is not always the case so you will need to keep a very close eye on them to make sure they get along. Watch for any signs of fighting not only before they give birth but after as well, and you many need to separate them until the kits are weaned and off to their new homes.

Also in case you plan to keep any of the kits, since apparently it's not common knowledge anymore, it doesn't matter if they are related males and females will mate with each other. So that means any males will mate with any females if kept together or even if given playtime together. In case you don't know inbreeding is not a good thing. You also can't have more then one male together in a breeding setup, they will often fight. You can however keep the females in their own cage and the father and son(s) together in their own cage if they get along, some will still fight over females even if they can't get to them.
Clearly you don't actually want knowledge you want to be told being a irresponsible backyard breeding is fine. News flash it's not, it's horrible. I gave you knowledge of what you are doing wrong (now and earlier this year) and how to fix it, that is not belittling it's informing. You were given the same info before and chose to ignore it, which is why I went more blunt this time in hopes you might understand what you are doing is wrong, especially after hearing you are intentionally breeding white to white, but clearly you don't care.

Backyard breeders like you, breeding without knowing or caring what they are doing is irresponsible and the biggest reason domestic chins have so many issues, so you are part of the problem. That is a fact, and I wish it was illegal since what you are doing risks the lives of the chins, but clearly you just don't care.

Unfortunately at the end of the day it's not illegal yet and they are your chins you can sadly do whatever you want with them even if it means knowingly risking their health and safety. :(

*** In case anyone is reading this and didn't see the previous posts the chinchillas they are breeding they got from PetSmart. In other words genetically unknown chinchillas, not ones from good clean breeding lines. ***
I agree with Amethyst. You don't want knowledge. You don't want to better the species. You want cute, fuzzy babies without doing any research into the how's and why's. Now, if you want to learn about breeding, we're here to help. The first thing you're going to be told is don't breed pet store chins. You don't know their genetics. You don't know if they are littermates. You know zero about where they came from. You aren't even spelling mating correctly. Mating is sex, matting is what happens to fur when it gets knotted. Boy + girl = babies. I don't care what species you are. That's just basic knowledge that ANYONE should already know. Animals don't care if it's their brother, mother, sister, father. They breed because they breed.

Just remember, when you end up with animals that are dying painful deaths from malocclusion, that you can't get rid of, that you don't have time for (because it quickly escalates if you don't have a breeding plan and areas to separate males from females), you actually were offered help. You just refused to take it.

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