NY/NE Show on September 28/29

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Ah, I see! Too bad this show was so far away...not that I have anything to show. Seems I have my booms early and late in the year. Of course it may have something to do with rearranging my herd every spring ;)

And congrats, as always, to the winners AND to all who made the show possible!
It was a good show all together I would say.

On a Side note: the little guy that was missing turned out he was in a hole with another chinchilla. :/
Just a quick correction: there were 14 exhibitors and I have 75 animals unless one was pulled and I didn't catch it.

Christiane - I'm so glad he was not loose in the building or the other option!!!!! lol
so glad the missing chin wasn't truly missing - what a scare. I had a great time. Definitely will be back next year. However I will be leaving earlier so I don't get in so late. Traffic wasn't good for us and it took longer than expected.
Barb, glad you came and had a good time! It certainly was busy, but fun. We are going to have the same venue next year and hopefully bigger, better, and busier!
Christiane, so happy to here about your chin being there. Hope they didn't fight and all are well. Crissy, it was great meeting you too. I had a great time at the show. Just makes me want to attend another. Sorry for everyone that couldn't attend, hope you can make it next year.
thanks everyone, happy he was fine, but feel horrible for the uncomfortable situation for everyone.

It is so say that I definitely must not get side tracked when tending to my animals.
Really thought I had lost him.
So glad he wasn't actually lost! I have been thinking about that chin a lot, so now my mind is eased :)