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I don't think so. I am going this Wed to pick up 12 bags to deliver to San Diego. Then I have another order in for 12 bags for myself the following week. and another 12 bags the week after or 2 weeks after that. I know there was a rumor years ago that the mine was closed. The only thing I can think of is that she's not selling to new people. I'll ask her when I see her Wed she went up north to visit her son and will not be back until Tues.
This is not the old rumor. I was told by John Suhr that the owners are in trouble with the BLM and are fighting it. Right now they have a large pile that has been processed bu t not bagged. If they can't fix their problems, when the pile is gone, that is the end unless someone else buys them out. Nan, let us know if you get the same info from the owners.
Seachin, that was my first thought, but I found out the person I was getting blue cloud from also sells blue sparkle so I am fine. He actually gave me a free bag of blue sparkle to try on some of my chins. So far, I like it though I could do with out the sparkle part.

Nan,thanks for checking it out for us. We all needed to know.
Ryerson's and JAGS use blue sparkle. Lots of breeders do, especially in light of the ridiculous cost of Blue Cloud lately. I use it because it's half the cost and, quite honestly, I don't want to die afterwards from sucking it all in. The blue cloud about kills me. I do like how they look with the BC better, but overall, I'm not going to complain because I can get blue sparkle a whole lot closer to home.
I talked to Calvert Corp he said that someone from CA contacted him about purchasing sparkle. He also knows about Blue cloud too that he heard that it's closed. I am keeping my fingers cross that something will be worked out. The person at Calvert said it's $11.00 for 50# bags plus shipping. He shipped a bag to IA I think ups and that cost was $46.00. I told him that shipping to CA will be alot more than $46.00 since CA is further away from KS.

He will not break the bags. I told him usps priority large box you can ship 38 lbs and shipping is $17.95. I would take 2 large boxes like this if he would do it.

So at shows if some people use sparkle and others use BC how does the judges judge them?
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The Bureau of Land Management shut them down. It is really difficult to get them to change their minds so don't count on Blue Cloud coming back.
So should I start buying blue sparkle or stock up on blue cloud while I can?
My opinion if you can get a hold of blue cloud I would buy it. I was buying dog food at a feed store they had 1 - 50# bag left. Of course I paid more for it then when I go to the mine. I am going to the mine today to pick up some bags. I am sure blue sparkle will be around unless Bureau Land Mgmt decides to shut them down too.