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Jun 8, 2017
Was anyone else nervous when they first got their chin? I'm getting my first two in 2 weeks time and although I'm sure it'll go smoothly, (I've done so much research) I'm still super nervous! I think it's partially to do with the fact that, although I've had many pets before the chins will be the first pet that I can call my own!
cant really say i was nervous. Because my first chin came to me from my brother. He was moving back to the area and asked if i could watch his chinchilla while they got settled. And i had never even heard of a chinchilla. So to ignorant of chins to be nervous. - Of course Chico stayed with me for many years after that.
Well, this is an exciting news. Update and tell us more about your first-hand experience as a first-time owner. I wish you best of luck!
I just got my new little guy. It's been about a week and I worry all the time! I find myself hitting the web daily for questions I have to ease my worries.
I have had chins for 17 years and still walk in the bedroom in the morning and do a wellness check to make sure they survived the night, LOL