Neighbor's dog cries at least 2-3x a week!

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Nov 12, 2011
I don't know how well they treat their dog normally, but the sound this dog makes sounds a lot like crying and under stress. At least every Sunday mornings, this dog cries while the owners are heading out before 9am when they are leaving home to church. I never seen that dog being walked, at best hes being tied on a pole outside their home while the owner doing gardening.

It just breaks my heart when I hear that crying. My mom came to my house one day and heard that dog crying. My mom said the crying doesn't sound normal, the dog is likely being neglected. Poor thing! Is there anything I can do to help this dog?
What type of dog is it? If he is not use to being alone, crying could be the result.

You can offer your time to care for it when they leave. Letting them know that he cries alot when they leave.
I had a dog that even with 2 hours excerise, fed, watered, loved and all, would cry for some time after we left for work. This even being with her 2 other buddies.
I don't know what type of dog it is, I never had any dog before, but my mom did. It's a medium sized dog though. They know he's crying while they leave, but nothing they can really do, unless they can offer some fun toys for him to kill some time at home. I wish I could comfort him, but he's always either inside their house, garage, or backyard. There is no way I can gain access. My mom said perhaps we can report to the OCSPA and ask them to offer advises to the owner and how they can prevent the dog from crying like that. What do you think?
Don't do that...I had animal control call on me because they heard my dog screaming like he was being beaten. I was brushing him. Lightly. With a rubber brush. Some dogs are drama queens, and you have to take that into account. No one ever saw me walking my dog, because I did it late at night (he was VERY dog aggressive, and my neighborhood is awful about leashing their dogs on walks). Not everything is as it seems!

Also, AC won't do anything unless he's left without shelter, food and water.
I would have proper authorities like the cops or a rescue check on him. If he is tied to a pole all day that does raise some concern. Honestly if you can find someone that can check on his well being and can take him if necessary that would be best for the dog. In the meanwhile you can talk to your neighbors and see if they won't let him inside or understand a lil about their situation. It's good to know if there is anything wrong.