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I'm happy to hear Dumpling is doing well! :D I hope he is gaining weight.

I've used coffee grinder to grind herbs. You can probably use food chopper as well - I just never tried using it. It is fine to store ground herbs for a few months in an air tight container or a Ziploc bag (just make sure that the alfalfa hay you are using is dry). For example, you can grind 110g of alfalfa, 20g of various herbs including rose hips, and 40g of rolled oats (probiotics can also be added). Then you can add some Critical Care to the mix.

In general, chins should be fed about 60 ml (dry syringe feed mixed with water) per 500g of body weight daily. However, you need to take into account that your chin eats alfalfa hay and even some pellets.
I'm gonna get a coffee grinder. The chopper can't make the herbs powdery enough to mix with the CC. I thought that would be ok, and tried to feed Dumpling. He was almost choking! It looks like he can only eat 1 tbsp at most every time and 2x a day, but that for sure not making up to 50ml according to his weight. However he's eating some alfalfa and a few pellets on his own, I hope that's good enough to maintain his weight. I will keep monitoring and hopefully be able to mix those herbs into the CC.
Of course I would love to have him try the EFL! Is it okay to feed EFL and CC alternatively or even mix the two together? Is 11 oz just about the same amount like the CC in 454g? Since the EFL already contains herbs, is it still necessary to give him the herbs I already have? Thanks so much!
Yes, it is fine to mix EFL and CC or to alternate between the two.
11.8 oz is 335 g. EFL contains more expensive ingredients – thus the price is higher. Since EFL contains herbs, it is not necessary to give the herbs you have.
Dumpling is not well since last night, hard to breath and no strength. Vet appt is made but not until tomorrow. This is very saddening.... Can anyone recommend a cremation service in Toronto? I just think it's good to be prepared....... :(
Oh, no, I'm so sorry to hear this :(
I'm keeping you and Dumpling in my thoughts and prayers.
Thanks, Tanya. Dumpling was pretty energetic over the weekend, we were really shocked for the sudden downhill… He left us last night and his after-care was taken care of today. It was a long day, but we were very happy to have chosen Thistledown Pet Memorial. We knew Dumpling was taken care of with great care as we were allowed to stay with him the whole process. We know Dumpling has found great peace and reunited with his buddy, Singy, up on the Rainbow Bridge. No more sickness, no more sufferings, and they can have all the treats they want!
I'm so sorry you lost your Dumpling. He was so lucky to have you as his chin mommy and to be loved so much by you.

Your two chinnie angels are watching over you from chinnie heaven. Please take care, and I hope things get easier :hug2:

Rest in peace sweet Dumpling. You are missed.