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Nov 12, 2011
Hi everyone, are Oxbow's natural science supplements any good? Anyone has experience with it?

My chinnies are 12, 13, and 14 years old. Do they considered as seniors? Would giving them the senior support supplement benefit them? They are still active and alert, only since recently, the 12 year old one was diagnosed with a tumor in his mouth that diverted two molars apart at the root. He is under special care now, but I would also like to get him the GI support supplement, which it says one of the ingredients actually has anti tumor properties. Is it a good idea to give it a try?

Thanks in advance!
Sorry I mean the senior supplement that has anti tumor properties, and looks like its good for all my chins including the one with a tumor.

What do you all think? Thanks again!
It is best when chins get nutrients from unprocessed, plant sources. Processing reduces plants' nutrient value. Also, it can destroy some elements that are necessary for healthy liver function, etc.

I would recommend using a herbal supplement. Herbs (dandelion, nettle, hawthorn, rose hips, etc.) are especially beneficial for older animals since they provide support for body systems, functions that are becoming less efficient.
Thanks for your reply, Tanya! I think I already do have that type of herbal supplement. I got it from Forever Fiesty Chinchilla. I have been mixing it into a slurry of pellets together with ovol for my 12 year old guy, Dumpling. He seems to like it and just started to eat the slurry by himself a little bit more rather than I have to hand feed him so many times a day.

He does seem to be a little more active now then when he just started being sick, but still not anything like his normal self. Would you recommend critical care or anything else that will help him get closer to his normal self again? I know shrinking the tumor is nearly impossible...but at least to delay the progress? Thanks so much again....
You are welcome! It is great that you are using a herbal supplement :))

To decrease further tumor growth, red clover can be offered – it helps inhibit the production of blood vessels that are needed for the formation of tumors. I have red clover in stock right now, and you can probably purchase it from other online stores as well.

How often are you giving Dumpling a herbal supplement? I would recommend using a supplement daily. However, I'm not familiar with Forever Fiesty Chinchilla's formula. So, you can contact them and ask if it can be used daily.

It would be very beneficial to use Essentials for Life, but it has been out of stock for a couple of months… I do expect to receive EFL in July. It would not hurt to use Critical Care. However, I would add some alfalfa and other herbs. For example, you can grind (coffee grinder) alfalfa leaves, nettle, rose hips, chamomile, dandelion, oat bran or rolled oats (or the combination of herbs that you want to use) and then add a small amount to Critical care. This should help your chin recover faster. Also, you may consider using skullcap or stress and anxiety remedy (it contains skullcap as a main ingredient; second ingredient is actually red clover!). Skullcap is calmative and a natural pain reliever.

Also, I would offer loose alfalfa hay. You can probably find some oxbow alfalfa in your local pet store. Even sick chins usually eat alfalfa leaves on their own.

If you have any questions, just let me know. Also, if you decide to order any product from my store, please do it by Monday. I'll be away for 10 days. So, I'll be closing my online store on Monday or Tuesday.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
So for the time being, it would be fine to give him CC + some alfalfa hay + other herbs + skullcap and red clover? Perhaps a stupid question, he should continue with the pellet slurry I have been making him as well?

I'm formulating a diet plan for him that best suit his conditions, especially he's constantly fighting for tummy gas too since he's breathing thru his mouth occasionally related to his tumor. I don't want to over dose him on anything, but I want the best for him. I love him so much and this is my first time fighting such a complicated illness with anyone / any chinnie buddy.

Can't thank enough, Tanya! If anyone who has any suggestions or comments please let me know! Greatly appreciated!!!!
You are welcome!

You can use either a pellet slurry or Critical Care. It is fine to use several herbs, but you should not offer more than 3/4 - 1 teaspoon of crushed herbs per day (depends on what herbs you are using). If he is constantly fighting tummy gas, then my first priority would be to address this issue. I would use simethicone and herbs that aid in the elimination of gas (chamomile, peppermint; it is fine to use a small amount of skullcap as well). Also, it is very important to administer abdominal massage (circular downwards motion towards the anus) for 15-20 minutes or so. I just looked at the supplement that you are giving your chin, and I need to tell you that you should not feed carrots and blueberries to a chin who has digestive problems (you can probably pick them out from the mix).

I would concentrate on addressing other issues when your chin does not suffer from digestive upset.
Yep, I was just giving him tummy rubs but I got bitten. Lols, that's good thing that he has the strength to bite though.

Hmmm... How about CC + alfalfa hay + stress anxiety supplement + leaf delight? As well mixing simethicone which I'm already giving in the pellet slurry.

Is alfalfa hay just the same as alfalfa leaf you mentioned?
Sure, you can use that combination of herbs. I'll send you chamomile and peppermint as well, so you have them just in case :))
Yes, I was talking about alfalfa hay.
Also, you can let him out of the cage for playtime (exercise is beneficial).
I already placed my order this morning. :) I also ordered the red clover delight for my other chinnies. I'll give them may be once a week, since they are from the same family, I guess it would be great for prevention.

I let them out an hour or so every night, but Dumpling tends to just find his favourite spot and sits there for almost the whole time...

Thanks so much again! :hug2:
Enjoy your 10 days off, Tanya! I'm looking forward to the shipment! Two days ago, I just thought of that I shouldn't have given him pellet slurry... Even it's mixed with simethicone. I got confused because of his tumor condition. So I immediately stopped giving him that, instead I gave him the simethicone alone with as much of tummy rubs i could give. He became more active the next day and a bit more poops too. I will continue with that until I got your herbs and also the critical care.
Thank you! :)

I'm happy to hear that Dumpling seems to be doing a little better. While you are waiting for the herbs and Critical Care, you are feeding him hay, right? You said that you stopped giving him a pellet slurry, so I just want to make sure he has something to eat :D
Ha ha.. Yep, he has lots of Timmy around. He doesn't eat a lot of it but at least I know he's eating some. He's not drinking much though... I wonder if what I'm doing is really helping his bloat. 0.5 ml simethicone each morning and night, then at least 30 mins of tummy downward rubs, also extra play time for him. Is there anything else I can do to help him to release more gas? I'm afraid the amount of air he gets inside is too much too fast and what I'm doing is not enough.....
I'm very very amazed! I just got the package from you as well the CC from forever Fiesty chinchilla. I can't wait to start giving him this new diet and to see some improvement! Thanks so much again!!!
Ok, I couldn't even get him to eat 1 ml of the CC using a 10ml syringe... The consistency was like milkshake...but he doesn't like it. I added a bit peppermint in it, still not interested... HELP!
Try grinding alfalfa with a small amount of rolled oats and herbs (chamomile and leaf delight or chamomile and broad spectrum supplement) and mix with Critical care (about 50%). I would try feeding peppermint separately since not all chins like it.

Also, may be try adding less water, and you can try using a small spoon instead of a syringe.
I sure will do what you suggest to encourage him to eat more. He's not eating the chamomile and peppermint at all, I'll see if grinding and mixing will do the trick. Just now I was able to get him to eat may be 4 or 5 ml using the simethicone dropper. He seems to accept it better with dropper than syringe. Along with CC, he's eating alfalfa on his own and drinking some water too. His droppings are still tiny but at least I know his GI is moving...

I think he's beginning to hate me... I'm constantly taking him out and force him either eat this or eat that... :(
Hi!! He's doing great! Seems like he's getting the hang of eating from the syringe, although still not eating much of the herbs on his own. I actually saw him trying to eat a few pellets from his cousin's food bowl in another cage.

I'm feeding him may be a bit over a tablespoon of CC everyday, 2x a day. He's only 454g from previous vet visit. According to the feeding instruction on the CC, I think that should be good enough? He's also eating alfalfa hay on his own.

I will try to weigh him tonight.

By the way, how do I grind the herbs together? I bought a mini food chopper. People are able to grind herbs with it. However, if I want to prepare fresh grinds every time, it would still be to little for the chopper to do the job. Is it okay to grind ahead and store in an air tight container?

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