My visit to the chinchilla reserve in Chile with pictures

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Hey! I know this is years too late, but I found this thread looking for info on the reserve and I, as i'm a native speaker, wanted to really translate the poem for all of you :)

The chinchilla.

I brought you trough lost roads,
Leaving the well beloved land,
The Mother and Dame Route,
That's my mother and yours
Now if you are patient,
We are undertaking an escape

- To whom, tell me, mama,
Are you looking for with mischief?

-Hush! Hush!, do not frighten her;
Here it smells like chinchilla!

-Oh! My mother was calling her;
But you can not catch her.
Now she is running,
And flying away, look at her, look at her!

-Can't you see it? She is going in front of us
Oh, how cute and how astute!

-What do you see? Tell me.

- Come running, it's the chinchilla!

- I just can see a dust cloud
And you, screaming like crazy.

-Stay behind I will follow her,
Let me go, I'll catch her.
Who loses such a beautiful thing?
Hush! I'll get her.

-She escaped, look at her,
She is hiding in the quilas. (<-Bamboo-like plants)
I hope no one harms her!
She is the most beautiful Chilean.
I can see her figure
Between the palpitating herbs.

- If you love her,
Why do you let others pursue her?

-Hahaha. Now I am ghost
but even when I was living,
I never had the luck of being heard.
Why do you look at me so sad?
Look at the path she leaves
On the wheats she escapes.

-Don't laugh, maybe the little beasts
have a guardian angel.
Why wouldn't they?
How is it, son, that there are still chinchillas?
If men harassed them and captured them.
Whomever looks at them, covets them,
Even the peasant, the children,
the foxes and the wolves.

-Hey, did you call her "sister"?

-Yes, because Francisco, the man. (<--Saint of animals)
He called "little sisters"
at everything that had a sight,
breathed or hear.

-That, whole story you need to
tell some other day.
Now, mama, im so sad
I can find any living thing.
You walk nonstop
And I lost where I was going,
I can not see well,
I just see water and little beasts.

Gabriela Mistral