how to potty train a doggy with a bell

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Sep 15, 2018
It in fact Works. Here’s How. If you’re working on the ring a potty bell education your canine, then ring a potty bell can be a suitable lifesaver. Teaching a puppy or grownup canine to ring a potty bell,” is extraordinarily convenient and without a doubt handy. In educating your dog to ring a potty bell to let you understand even as she desires to go outside, you ought to dispose of accidents (or, in the case of my stoic pups, the frightening silent potty stare).

For more info about how to potty train a puppy with a bell click the link below. :rofl::rofl:…uppy-with-a-bell/
It is indeed a helpful post, I just recently adopted a Shih Tzu, and he leaves all his mess on our kitchen tiles. I have tried to ask the former owner if she has ever conducted a potty training but she failed to do so as she has tons of dogs at home.
This is so great. I don't own a dog at the moment, just my chinchillas. But I'll definitely keep this in mind if we decide to adopt one.
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