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New member
Mar 14, 2024

My name is Lilith and I come from a small country called Slovenia. I'm in my thirties and having the time of my life.

I wanted to join this community to learn something new. I have many animals - dogs, cats, lizard, snake... I used to have a hedgehog. Oh he was lovely! But sadly I lost him last year in January and I miss him a lot. As of today, I will become a proud parent of a chin pair - both male (no babies here!). I'm so excited!

I did read a lot, talked to my frineds who hace chinchillas... But you know, there is never enough knowledge.
Congratulations on becoming a chin parent. You have done a smart thing by joining the forum, (something I wish I had done when I got my first one) because no matter how many books one reads, chinchillas are idiosyncratic creatures and sometimes not even exotic vets know enough about them. Fortunately there are members in this forum e.g. Amethyst who know an awful lot about chins and a great help when one is stuck.

I am sure your two boys will add further interest to your life because they truly are fascinating creatures. The important thing will be to keep them away from all your other pets because they can easily pick up diseases from them and die rather quickly. Post a picture when they are installed and got their names.
Welcome. One big thing to think about when doing research is, "does this information make sense" when thinking about where chins come from (semi-arid climate). There is a lot of outdated/misinformation out there, and a lot of people (many vets included), assume they are like rabbits and guinea pigs, especially when it comes to diet.