Hedgehog wont excersice?

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New member
Jan 29, 2015
I got a new hedgehog about two weeks ago and he wont run on his wheel. I've tried too show him how to run but he just stands there and wont move, I'm getting worried. I do not want him to gain weight and I don't know what too do. I take him out every day and let him walk around but I want him to get more exercise at night. Anyone know what I can do?
What kind of wheel do you have?

Many hedgies are closet wheelers. They won't let you see them run. If he's very tidy (ie, doesn't poop or pee on his wheel), he may be running marathons at night and you'd never know it.
I actually take mine outside his cage to walk until he's used to it then he would always try to use the wheel. My only problem is that my wheel squeaks so badly because I bought the metal one.