Hangerbolt drivers

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Where did you find it? I need a driver and a remover. I just messed up my 4th cap nut trying to drive hangar bolts today.



You but it in just like you would a bit. I like the bigger unit of this screw driver. Even tho the electric part hasnt worked in a decade, the larger/wider handle of it makes it easier to use and easier on your hands.

To remove them i just use the two wing nuts. It helps when you drill pilot holes before putting them in. And it helps to keep them as straight as possible.
Awesome, thank you Godofgods. I'm actually trying to remove a hangarbolt from a piece right now and having a heck of a time. I think the wing nuts would work great.
if the bolt goes in at a bad angle or such then they can be hard to remove even with wing nuts. But for ones that go in correctly, wing nuts are pretty great. I cant imagine using something else.