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Aug 8, 2010
Hey guys! I noticed there was a thread for Frontierville but not Farmville :pumpkin:

You can never have too many neighbors, so let me know if you play & want to be neighbors!

Also.. I just realized there were chinchillas on Farmville and I missed it :( Is there any way to get one now?
Hey, I play Farmville often, and I have two chinchillas. I think that they are kind of like that bonus thing when something randomly shows up on your farm and you can post it to your friends walla to adopt essentially.

I havent seen one in quite a while now, so I'm not too sure. I will see if I can regift mine to you.

If you want, you can PM me your name, and I will search for you. My privacy settings are so high that I dont think anyone can find me, or add me.
I play Farmville as well. Anyone can add me just let me know youre from cnh or farmville.
Pam Tishman right now my profile pic is 2 kittens watching snow fall.
I love playing farmville! I have only 1 chinchilla on my farm though, I got one of those purple mystery boxes from a friend and when I opened it I got a chin. I'm not quite sure if you can still get the chin from the free gift-able purple mystery boxes anymore, the last few times I got trees or useless items...I'm going to keep trying for another chin though!
yahooooo you can add me just send a note so I know to add you to my FV list...I breed all the new trees each week....all I ask is that people click like.....I will PM you my FB :)

I play a LOT and am a big poster anyone else that needs FV stuffs and trees can send me a PM :) and Ill send my FB link
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God, I miss Farmville. That's what I mostly do in Facebook when apps were still not a thing.